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November 29, 2018


ZINE’s Top 10 Beauty Influencers

It used to be that to get our beauty tips and inspiration we’d look to the glossy magazines. The rise of platforms like YouTube and Instagram, and in particular the beauty influencers that use them changed this consumption dramatically.

The video transformations, tutorials and reviews have added a certain level of panache that a flat lay in a magazine could never achieve. These beauty gurus have a flair for knowing what their audience will love, and brands who have successfully leveraged their influence have seen their bottom line positively impacted.

But the real question is: where do you start?

Well, looking beyond vanity metrics like follower numbers is a good place. Engagement rate, audience demographics and most importantly – the content are all key to a successful collaboration. For added inspiration, here are our top 10 beauty influencers on ZINE:



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Hannah Rose Makeup













Instagram Handle: @hannahamakeup

Followers: 65.6K

Why we love Hannah: Where to start with Hannah. Hannah is an amazingly versatile makeup artist. From creative fancy dress themes, to ultra-glam transformations to everyday looks. Her content is inspiring, colourful and I daresay fun! Its no surprise that with almost 70K followers – Hannah has such high engagement.




ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Katie Snooks Makeup

Instagram Handle: @katesnooks

Followers: 69.1K

Why we love Katie: We love blonde bombshell Katie Snooks for her ultra-feminine but super cool looks. Katie isn’t a typical makeup artist. Her beauty content mixes natural feminine everyday looks, with festival glam or ghoulish gore. As she also covers lifestyle, fashion and jewellery her sponsored content fits seamlessly.



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog |  Jamie Genevieve Top 10 Beauty influencers

Instagram Handle: @Jamiegenevieve

Followers: 1.1m

Why we love Jamie: Jamie is cool. Jamie is glam. Jamie has over a million followers and an average of 7% engagement! In addition to the gram, Jamie is also a weekly YouTube vlogger where she gives in-depth tutorials sharing how she created her best looks.



 ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog |  Jamie Genevieve Top 10 Beauty influencers







Instagram Handle: @pixiwoos

Followers: 816k

Why we love Sam: Classic, cool, chic with a touch of fun. In addition to her beautifully curated Instagram feed, Sam has had her YouTube channel for 10+ years, and a Glamour Woman of the year award in the cupboard. 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog |  Roshni Vadgama Top 10 Beauty influencers

Instagram Handle: @justrosh_

Followers: 10.7k

Why we love Roshni: She’s a talented beauty blogger & vlogger with a super professionally styled feed. All of her looks have glamour in common, and all of them also have the full list of products used to create them. This means sponsored collaborations can fit in seamlessly with the organic posts.



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog |  SHONAGH SCOTT Top 10 Beauty influencers

Instagram Handle: @showmemakeup

Followers: 51.2k

Why we love Shonagh: Shonagh’s handle is ‘show me make up’ and that’s exactly what she does. From skincare to glamourous looks to prosthetics, all of her tools can be found along with video tutorial of the products she uses for her creations.



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog |  Manny Gutierrez Top 10 Beauty influencers

Instagram Handle: @mannymua733

Followers: 4.7m

Why we love Manny: Manny has fast become his own brand. His beautiful creations deliver the powerful message of makeup for all.



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog |  Kelly Lash Top 10 Beauty influencers


Instagram Handle: @kellilash

Followers: 30.5k

Why we love Kelly: Her gram feed is a mix of beauty shots, flat lays and lifestyle posts, so in working with Kelly brands can potentially build up a small arsenal of great content they can use on their own social media channels or other marketing channels. 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Tamanna Ali Top 10 Beauty influencers

Instagram Handle: @tamannabeauty

Followers: 13.2k

Why we love Tamanna: Tamanna has a beautifully shot feed displaying a good mix of skincare and makeup looks. With her humble following she has already worked with a number of beauty and cosmetics brands who are leveraging her strong, UK, female 18-24 audience for their reach.



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Tia WardTop 10 Beauty influencers

Instagram Handle: @misstpw

Followers: 101k

Why we love Tia: Tia’s engagement game is strong, and reviews brutally honest. In addition to her amazing feed, she also has a YouTube channel where she compares things like most expensive vs. least expensive. 




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