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November 13, 2018

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Using ZINE’s Influencer Marketing Platform to Build Your Influencer Network

Throwing big budgets at one-off influencer marketing campaigns is dated. If 2018 has shown us anything, it’s that influencer marketing isn’t just a fad, but a powerful tool to add to your marketing mix. Your most valuable asset within influencer marketing is an ever-evolving influencer network.  Managing and growing your network manually can be done manually, but in order to work faster and smarter you need influencer marketing platform like ZINE.


How can I build my Instagram influencer network without tech? 


Get More from Your Influencer Network

If you have been doing influencer marketing for some time, you’ll likely have a black book – or rather an excel sheet of influencers you like to work with. Having a long-standing relationship with influencers is great, but still need to stay up to date with their audience demographics to ensure the influencers are still relevant, and working with them on collaborations, you’re able to tailor messaging or products to their audiences.

ZINE’s influencer marketing platform offers proprietary networks. That means you can add your influencers to ZINE, and we will create influencer profiles for them which will also show comprehensive data including their growth, engagement rates, and basic demographic data of their audience.

If you don’t have the budget for an influencer marketing platform, there is a hack.

Influencers who sign up to ZINE connect their social media accounts, thus creating a digital media kit they can use when pitching to brands and agencies – regardless as to whether or not they use ZINE. Ask the influencers you work with to create their ZINE media kits for free, and email you the digital link which you can keep in your spreadsheet. The media kit updates automatically, so whenever you click on the link, you’ll get up to date data.

Find out which of your competitors your influencers have worked with 


Growing Your Influencer Network

Through offering influencers, a free digital media kit to showcase their talent, over 50k influencers have joined ZINE over the last two years, and the database continues to grow rapidly. That means, when you join ZINE, your network will be growing just as quickly.

Naturally, not all 50 thousand influencers will be relevant to your business. So we built an intuitive search that allows you to find the influencers who are right for you based on either influencer or follower data. You can then build your lists of relevant, quality influencers – and communicate with directly – owing the relationship yourself.





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