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July 05, 2019


The Top Travel Brands Influencers Talk About [Infographic]

In case you didn’t realise, the travel bug is real, and there’s a huge rise in the number of vacations people are taking. In fact, according to The GO Group 33% of the population are now planning more holidays than ever. Of course low-cost airlines have contributed to this, but arguably, social media has had a big impact too!

According to Adweek almost half of holiday-makers are likely to hear about a new travel company or destination on social media than anywhere else. Nearly 60% of people rely on user-generated content and social media posts to plan their travels*. And the guiltiest suspects? Millennial’s. The most tech-savvy, social media obsessed generation who tend to spend on ‘experiences’ over anything else.

This generation’s shift in attention towards travelling has meant that marketers are adapting their strategies and are starting to focus on influencer marketing.

The travel sector isn’t exactly lacking in influencer talent. Take for example ZINE’s database of 200k+ influencers, 15% of which identify themselves as travel influencers. Choose the influencers you’d like to work with wisely, and if they like your brand, they’re also more likely to create organic content for your brand.

Framework for a profitable influencer marketing campaign 

We’ve taken a look into the most popular travel brands among influencers on ZINE, the ones that have mastered the art of working with influencers, and for whom influencers have continued to create content for, post-collaboration. Check out the infographic to see which brands we’re talking about…


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