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December 12, 2017


4 Signs that you may be needing Influencers to Promote your Products

You’ve probably tried every marketing trick in the book to switch consumers to becoming your customers.  But with 86% of marketers claiming to be using influencers in their marketing strategy, and 39% of marketers increasing their influencer marketing budgets next year, it might be about time that you jumped on that bandwagon.

Whilst influencer marketing can be used in most industries, it tends to be more effective for some products than others, so here are 4 ways to determine whether or not influencer marketing is right for you.


1. Your product isn’t reaching the right audience

If your product is failing to reach the right audience, influencer marketing will take it to your target market. Influencers constitute the medium to finding existing, reaching potential customers and identifying people like them. Influencers who are considered experts in your shared fields are more likely to have a following, also curious about that field. Increasing the chances of the influencer’s audience being  interested in what you have to offer; having  already engaged with content and followed the influencer over time.


2. Your product alone doesn’t scream “cool”

Yes your product might seem pretty cool to you, but what do millennials think? If your product isn’t being taken seriously by millennials, take it to influencers, to get down with the kids and avoid any embarrassing dad dancing effects.

Influencer marketing taps into the social-media savvy generation in the most effective way. Influencers are not only thought leaders in their niche but they represent a lifestyle, valued, looked up to, and desired by their young followers. The Halo effect comes into play, and consumers project positive attributes to personalities they follow on social media, whilst their desire to lead a similar life, drives them to purchase products, influencers share. This means that by using a variety of social media influencers  you can connect with and impress an engaged audience, elevating the perception of your product.


3. Your Product needs to be trusted

If your products require the consumer to really trust them then influencers are a must. In fact most consumers are skeptical, when presented with something new and they need the guarantee that your products do exactly as they say on the label. To successfully convert consumers into your customers, they need to trust your products, before they buy or even try them.

A digital influencer does just that, with their stamp of approval being the epitome of a trustworthy product. In a world where photos are photo-shopped, reviews fabricated, commercials exaggerated, and ads edited, corrected, revised and modified. Influencers can add credibility to your products. As they’ve built a relationship with their followers, gained popularity over the years, they now form some of the most trusted sources.


4. Your product has high competition

If you’re failing to compete on price against your rivals, your only other option is to distinguish yourself and to stand out from the pack. If there’s one thing influencers know how to do, it’s to tell stories that capture the attention of others by adding an element of authenticity to your message and still incorporating your products. Influencers will assist, and build your brand equity, by evoking emotional responses with their content whilst associating your products with experiences and lifestyles consumers buy into. If you identify the right influences for your brand you’ll be able to set yourself apart from all the rest, without having to lower your prices!


ZINE has thousands of influencers you can filter through to identify the perfect match for your products, who will tell your story, in a way that speaks directly to your target audience. You can request a demo and start browsing the ZINE influencer database here.



Joanna Karamanis

I’m head of Content at ZINE, where I use my expertise in fashion consumer psychology to empower brands and influencers in their marketing campaigns. I love to travel, bake as well as shopping online.