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May 31, 2019


Key Takeaways From The Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards

As I’m sure you’ll all agree, one of the perks of working in influencer marketing is the amazing people you get to meet, and this week was no exception…

We were fortunate enough to partner with the Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards with Pandora, helping to make it a little easier for the judges to evaluate the nominees with ZINE influencer media kits, and as ever – crunching the numbers to see who is the most influential. So earlier in the week, we donned our glad rags and joined the Cosmo team and the shortlisted influencers the amazing Wild by Tart. 

The venue was full of familiar faces. Kaz Crossley, Alice Living and Rochelle Humes to name but a few. It proved quite tricky to distinguish between the ones we had met previously, and those we feel we know personally through following online! The drinks were flowing and the food to die for, but as we ‘worked the room’ sipping on the most fabulous pink cocktails, a few things stood out that made me think. Here are my key takeaways from the event:


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How To Run An Influencer Event:

If you’re on the fence about inviting influencers to your event – think again! There was a constant stream of content created for the venue and brands involved. The key ingredients (in addition to hard work and superb organisation) were careful influencer selection (after all, this was the crem-de-la-crem), and a wonderful venue transformed into what could only be described as an Instagram wedding! While the evening was casual, and the influencers were under no obligation to post, you could tell that all of the influencers meant business. 

We were fortunate enough to be sat on a table with the fabulous Nush Cope. While Nush is a presenter by profession, for that evening she was the Instagram in Chief for Cosmopolitan, demonstrating another innovative way the team at Cosmopolitan were working with influencers to boost coverage of the event.

Key takeaway: As ever, careful influencer selection is key, but so is choosing the right venue and decorations – think ‘woudl this look good on Insta?! Brainstorm new and authentic ways you can work with influencers at the event itself.

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Brand Partnerships:

The headline sponsor – Pandora did not fail to deliver. The brand fits seamlessly with both Cosmopolitan and influencers, and their glitter-bomb photo-booth made for a great centrepiece and additional photo op. Each of the guests got a take away – a beautiful pair of earrings made with ethically sourced materials. 

Key takeaway: Choose to partner with brands that compliment your brand. Ahead of the collaboration, discuss what each of you can bring to the table, and most importantly what you hope to get out of the event.


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Influencers talk:

What struck me almost immediately was how well all of the influencers knew one another. Throughout the evening we spoke (and eavesdropped) on influencers sharing openly their experiences, challenges, agency relations and work.

Key takeaway: Build good influencer karma and always treat content creations professionally and with respect. 

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Good Cause Crew

While the media portrayal of influencers can at times come across somewhat vacuous, many of the influencers were passionate about using their social media stardom for good. Be that challenging perceptions, education or sharing their lives so with others who can relate. that those who can relate to them know they are not alone. A great example of this is What Wegan Did Next – the power femme couple changing the perception of lesbians and proving that long distance relationships can work!

“Though we also wanted to put our story out there due to the lack of visible lesbian role models, in particularly femme/ lipstick lesbians.” – What Wegan Did Next

Key takeaway: Don’t judge a book by its cover. Delve a little deeper to understand the things that influencers are passionate about beyond the clothes / food / makeup. 


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