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October 04, 2018


How Influencer Marketing Platforms Are Changing The Way Brands Run Campaigns

Influencer marketing has had a bit of a rough year. The industry has been plagued with negative stories, like those of Elle Darby asking for free luxury accommodation, to Unilever’s condemnation of the issues of fake followers to inauthentic campaigns like that of Scarlett London with Listerine going viral. That’s not to mention the sheer number of both brands and influencers that have seen action due to non-disclosure. It’s safe to say when it comes to reputation, the tactic has reached a bit of a low point.

Yet despite all this, brands continue to report amazing results and influencer marketing budgets are still increasing with this trend to continue into 2019. Negative press like the stories mentioned above have been important as these stumbling blocks have slowly been helping to mature an industry often described as ‘the wild west’. However, with greater momentum, influencer marketing platforms like ZINE are using technology to raise industry standards. Here’s how:


Driving Transparency

Follower Demographics

With an accurate view as to who your influencers audience is, brands are able to execute better-targeted campaigns. ZINE’s platform does this by inviting influencers to sign up and create a free media kit, which they can use to pitch to brands whether or not they use ZINE. During the sign-up process, they connect the social media channels they are active across, which provides brands on the platform access to the influencers audience demographics. All of this information is displayed on the influencers ZINE media kit.

The Brands Guide To Navigating The ZINE Media Kit

Engagement & growth stats

Additionally, the ZINE media kit always displays up to date engagement and growth stats. In addition to these stats being somewhat indicative of how well the influencer resonates with their audience, and therefore how they will then respond to the sponsored content. Engagement and growth stats can also highlight the inconsistencies apparent, where followers or engagements have been paid for.

How To Spot Fake Followers

Driving Efficiency

For many brands, influencer marketing is still very much a manual process. That means, campaigns can take longer to execute and report on, and of course are more prone to human error. ZINE’s influencer marketing platform removes the need for lengthy research and list building, and compiling post-campaign reports. ZINE campaigns are run digitally end-to-end. The intuitive search enables you to build highly targeted lists in seconds, and you can build digital campaigns and proposals which removes the need of excel spreadsheets. Finally, once posts have gone live, the post-campaign tracking kicks in which you can use to pull a pretty PDF report which displays campaign progress over time.  

Reporting On Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns


As influencer marketing is still such a new tactic, there has been a huge lack of education for both brands and influencer alike. That’s why in addition to the influencer platform, ZINE creates a wealth of resources in influencer marketing. Our resources are split 50/50 between brands and influencers. This has led us recruit the 50k+ influencers who currently use ZINE, helping us maintain a strong relationship with both parties. For brand resources check out our influencer marketing library.


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