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September 13, 2018


Halloween Influencer Marketing Campaigns For Non Spooky Products

BOO!…..scary right?
Influencer marketing! … Even scarier?

I’m guessing like many marketers out there, carrying out any influencer marketing campaign is probably scarier than the most spine-chilling time of the year… Halloween. But what happens when you combine the two?

Well it’s not as bad as you think, because two negatives most definitely make a positive.

Halloween brings huge opportunities for advertisers, marketers, big and small businesses. Just last year, Halloween expenditure hit a record breaking $9.1 billion. Halloween isn’t just about Halloween-specific products. It’s about retail, beauty, food, drinks, pets, DIY, design, gadgets even holiday, since 40% of consumers start their holiday shopping at the end of October.

So since most products aren’t readily associated with Halloween purchases, developing a strategy may seem a little more complex than just putting your wares in front of customers.

But since 73% of consumers find their inspiration for Halloween on social media and recommendations from friends/family, it leaves lots of potential success for influencer focused campaigns, to capitalise on the Halloween hype. Integrating your non-spooky products, in influencer created content to engage and inspire their audience.

In this weeks blog post we look at some influencer campaigns for non-Halloween products in various industries and give you tips along the way for a killer Halloween influencer marketing campaign.


Do It Yourself

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Halloween influencer marketing

DIY influencers are probably the easiest influencers to work with. Costumes, headpieces, masks, decorations, interiors…when you take the DIY route, the possibilities are endless. Challenge them to integrate your products into something Halloween-themed, in a way that makes your product an absolute must-have for a project. They’ll definitely come up with an effective way to pair things you never would have imagined.



Clothing items are pretty simple to integrate into Halloween posts. Influencers can create a full Halloween look, with pretty minimalistic clothing items and accessories without them being Halloween specific or costumes within themselves.

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog 2018 | Public desireFor example @hieucow makes a statement, and completes her look with a pair of heels from @publicdesire. It’s best to choose influencers who not only match your brand image, but who will make your product pop with their costume choice. 

Top Tip: Give influencers a lot of creative freedom let them get super creative to inspire their audiences. There’s a sense of excitement and novelty added to taking something and turning it into something completely different, also showing your brand’s versatility. 

How to create a campaign brief



Food & Drink

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog 2018 | Candy-Corn-treats

Amazon Fresh, grocery delivery service got in on the influencer marketing action, with lifestyle influencers posting their food deliveries during the seasonal period.  With a mention in the caption, followers get the gist, beyond that, they’ll know that @amazonfresh can save any last minute party planning.

Lets not forget all the essential ingredients, everyone must have for Halloween specialities. Teaming up with foodies to create freakishly good recipes, just like Kellogg’s did, (who reported double digit consumption gains by the end of it) will put you ahead of the game in no time.

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Makeup searches are the highest in October. Influencers can make some incredible transformations with makeup products, making them essential for the final look.


@nyxcosmetics, did this perfectly, and received a ton of exposure by getting makeup artists and influencers to use the hashtag #31daysofHalloween. The hashtag reached over 157 million people, potential customers.

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PetsZINE Influencer Marketing Blog 2018 | Halloween petsmart

Who said pets can’t do scary. @petsmart not only offered inspo for some cute pumpkin carvings, they also encouraged user generated content, with pet influencers and audiences creating their own and post using a specific hashtag. 

Top Tip: Use a seasonal hashtag for your brand, and ask Influencers encourage their audience to get involved. Creating a buzz around your brand in no time. 







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