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July 15, 2016


Emotionally Connecting With Your Consumers Through Your Influencers

Pepsi is better but Coca Cola is King! Blind testing tests prove that people’s taste buds, favour Pepsi over Coca Cola. Yet consumers consistently choose Coca Cola, which continues to dominate the market. Why don’t people buy the better tasting coke? It’s counter intuitive.

Well although Pepsi wins the taste tests, it doesn’t compare with the images and emotions that the Coca Cola brand conjures up. When you think of coke, you’ll probably picture classic cola bottles with a red label and sexy curves giving a comfortable grip. Lately the label is guaranteed to have a familiar name, whether of a family member or friend. In fact it wasn’t long ago, the new bottles featured lyrics of songs you’ll know and sing along to.

When choosing your cola bottle you might come across a name of a friend you haven’t seen in years, taking you back to the good old days; or the lyrics of a song you played on repeat during that summer holiday in Mykonos.

As a consumer you are emotionally connected with, both names of people you know and lyrics you listen to. For the last 25 years, Coca cola’s advertising has been playing with your emotions, its’ marketing schemes have focused on a shared experience, reminding you of friends, family and past experiences.

You would think that when it comes to drinks, and your taste buds, taste would trump all other senses and emotions, so as  to influence your purchases. But emotions play a greater role!

According to Damasio, Neurology professor, we associate specific emotions with previous experiences. As humans we want to either relive or forget about certain past experiences, because of the way they made us feel. We then use those emotions to predict the outcome of similar unknown experiences and make decisions based on those emotions adding our own value. So if buying something can make us feel a specific way, we’ll buy it!

That’s why successful marketing schemes, aim to trigger certain emotions by reminding us of a specific past experience. As revealed in an analysis of over 1,400 advertising campaigns, in which those which involved purely emotional content performed twice as well than those with ordinary content.


Quick facts

  • A consumer’s emotional response to an ad is much more influential on their intent to buy than the ad itself.
  • If an ad sparks positive emotions, people are more likely to make a purchase.
  • Having positive emotions towards a brand is much more important than how much you trust a brand. Even though you might trust a brand and its features, if it evoked negative emotions, you’re less likely to buy from them.


This means that sales are influenced by the emotional mental representation potential consumers form of a brand, rather than the actual brand within itself. If the potential consumer has no emotional connection with a brand, irrespective of other attributes like price, it won’t encourage sales.


Emotion and influencer marketing

Choosing to use influencers for your marketing campaign, means that you’re already half way there! Your soon to be consumers, have already established a positive emotional connection with influencers, called trust. With statistics from Nielsen suggesting that 83% of consumers trust the recommendations of other people and 60% of people would try brands recommended by YouTubers and bloggers.

Your brand might be new, or people may have never heard of it, but they know your influencer quite well, they’ve already formed positive emotions towards them, they’ve trusted, identified with them and can relate to them on an emotional level.

You’ve got “trust” in the bag, now your goal should be to tug at people’s heartstrings #getthemfeels. Make them feel something, anything; but preferably something positive.

Feeling happy, inspires the action of sharing. Which is the basis of things going viral on social media. The more positive something is, the more likely it is that it’ll go viral.

Here are some ideas on how to spread those #positivefeels by making the most of your influencers.


Host contests

What’s more positive than being presented with the chance to be a potential winner of a competition? Especially when you’re sure that you’ll be compensated if you win because the information comes from a trusted source. When people have the chance to win something from a brand, they’ll engage better with that brand.

Come up with a contest or a giveaway which will push the influencers audience to your site. Boost your potential consumers positive emotions by making the contest happy within itself. Ask them to tag friends, or share it to their friends to get in with a chance of winning.  Winners could win a gift from your new line and a feature in your brand’s and the influencer’s social media account.



Tell your story through your Influencers

People relate to life stories. Allowing your influencer, to tell their story and the positive role your brand played, will make your campaign more engaging and impactful.

Influencers, know their audience quite well and will tell your brand’s story in their own way, which will resonate with their audience.

Attempt to connect with your potential consumers on an emotional level through Influencers who can identify with your brand and your brands personality. That way sharing your brand’s message becomes natural, swaying their audience from bystanders to buyers.


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 Joanna Karamanis

I’m head of Content at ZINE, where I use my expertise in fashion consumer psychology to empower brands and influencers in their marketing campaigns. I love to travel, bake as well as shop online.