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September 26, 2018


ZINE’s Top 10 Health & Fitness Influencers

This month we’re all about Health and Fitness. Summer is nearly over (cries) and the season for comfort food is almost amongst us so we’ve devised our top 10 Instagram influencers featured in the Health & Fitness category on ZINE’s Influencer database to keep us all motivated throughout those dreary months!

Health & Fitness influencers aren’t just promoting a product, but they are promoting a lifestyle, showing their personal journeys makes them an authentic and aspirational category who can story tell at ease to excel your influencer marketing campaign. 

With over 50,000 influencers signed up to ZINE we have an advanced browsing tool allowing brands to find influencers with ease and to access audience analysis in just one click. 

With all that in mind, let’s explore the top ZINE influencers taking the Health and Fitness industry by storm. 


ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Sophie Radcliffe instagram

Instagram Handle: @challengesophie

Followers: 46.8k

Why we love Sophie: Sophie, who you may recognise from @WeAreTheTrailBlazers (a community founded by herself with its sole purpose to help teenage girls develop the confidence + life skills to live courageously) is the queen of adventure and a motivational speaker. Working with the likes of Landrover and GoPro to document her voyages she’s nailed some great campaigns. Sophie spoke at our last brand event held at The Ivy Soho and wowed us with her entrepreneurship and headstrong attitude. She really is one to watch.



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Time reuber instagram

Instagram Handle: @isek___

Followers: 41.9k 

Why we love Tim: Cologne based, Tim encapsulates fitness, fashion and lifestyle for the twenty something male. Not only sharing his passion for fitness with his followers he also DJ’s, studies at university and works as a social media manager. It’s no wonder he has an amazing engagement rate. 


ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Rocio ocampo instagram

Instagram Handle: @momdutyblog

Followers: 95.4k

Why we love Rocio: ZINE’s very own super mama documenting her life with 6 year old twins, she inspires mums to live the life that they deserve. Based in Los Angeles, she lives an aspirational active life not only for mums but for all women. 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Amy lee instagram

Instagram Handle: @amyleeactive

Followers: 29.9k

Why we love Amy: Melbourne babe Amy strives to inspire her followers to live an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle. Creating divine, aesthetically pleasing recipes that don’t compromise on taste whilst still nourishing your body she’s really hit the nail on the head.



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Rob portales instgram

Instagram Handle: @rjportales

Followers: 335k

Why we love Rob: Former army captain Rob has scored campaigns with the likes of Nivea working across Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Based in Los Angeles he competed in mens physique while training to become a special agent. He now retains a big presence in the fitness community whilst focusing on his career in Information Technology.



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Caroline growth instagram

Instagram Handle: @carolinehgroth

Followers: 63.6k

Why we love Caroline: Yoga babe Caroline is a mental health advocate after battling with disordered eating throughout her life displays how much of a positive impact exercise can have on your life. Also, surviving cancer this girl boss radiates positivity and champions #thefutureisfemale. 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Lucy baker instagram

Instagram Handle: @fitlifelucy

Followers: 111k

Why we love Lucy: Sydney based fitness babe Lucy shares her body changes on Instagram and dabbles in healthy recipes on her blog. A huge advocate for #strongnotskinny, her posts show weights or cardio can having an amazing effect on your body positivity. 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Elias black instagram

Instagram Handle: @myfriendelias

Followers: 97k

Why we love Elias: Our featured influencer for this months instalment of our interview series, Elias isa signed model and content creator based in Melbourne, Australia. Having worked with the likes of Bonds, Ford Australia and Superdry he’s taking the industry by storm. 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Fit bottomed girl instagram

Instagram Handle: @fitbottomedgirl

Followers: 21.3k

Why we love Fit Bottomed Girl: Jennipher Walters and Kristen Seymour have been hailed by Time magazine as top online influencers for motivating and fit content. Working across this handle as well as @fitbottomedeats, @fitbottomedmama and @fitbottomedzen they have a podcast and an anti-diet cook book. Earning collaborations with top companies such as Neutrogena and being having their blog named in The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness by Greatist in 2016, they’re really winning in the world of fitness. 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Kamillla Falkowski instagram

Instagram Handle: @k.falkowski

Followers: 10.8k

Why we love Kamilla: Certified nutrition coach, Kamilla has abs of steel. Working as a model from a young age she now combines her skills in marketing, design, and writing with her love for photography and content creation. Documenting her fit lifestyle, nutrition and travel on Instagram she helps to motivate her followers. 




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