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July 24, 2018


ZINE’s Top 10 Food Influencers

Whether they’re promoting, high end restaurants, or healthy eating there’s no denying that foodies, have us drooling over their pictures, working their way into the bellies, hearts and feeds of thousands of Instagram users. 

That’s why in this week’s ZINE blog, it’s all about the foodies. With over 200,000 influencers on the ZINE influencer marketing platform, the ZINE database is flooded with influencers’ completely appetising content. 

Finding the right influencers to market your brand, is just like finding the right mix of flavours that tickle your taste buds…challenging to say the least.

Good news is, that while you may be quite indecisive and your taste very objective, your brand has some concrete facts you can go by to find the right influencers to market it. Take a look at your USP, your target audience demographics, your budget and your goals. Once you’ve got this drilled down, you can then identify influencers to match. 

With the ZINE influencer marketing platform, you can filter through thousands of influencers with all the specs you’re looking for, delving into their audience demographics, their brand affinities and interests. So you can guarantee to find the best foodies that will be the perfect fit for your brand 

Keeping all that in mind, here are our favourite 10 foodie influencers on ZINE:

Anett Velsberg 

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Anett instagram

Instagram handle: @anettvelsberg

Followers: 271k

Why we love Anett: Anett has our mouths watering at every single fruitful snap.  Not only is Annet a colourful recipe creator, food and travel photographer, she is also the author of the ‘’Deliciously Vegan’’ app. Healthy dishes have never looked so good, we just can’t keep scrolling through the most aesthetically pleasing food feed we’ve ever come across. 


Emilie Hebert

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Emily instagram

Instagram handle@emilieeats

Followers: 64.2k

Why we love Emilie: Sharing her delicious plant-powered recipes on her blog, Emilie makes eating healthy look fun and easier than ever, getting anyone excited about a workout and inspiring her followers to love their body. Emilie also shares tips on living a completely eco-friendly lifestyle. 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Sasha instagram

Instagram handle: @earthlingsasha

Followers: 40k

Why we love Sasha: Despite her super young age, at only 15 Sasha has managed to grow a following of  over 40k, with her very healthy tips. Her Instagram account is currently experiencing exceptional growth, with an incredible engagement rate, so we’re guessing our Aussie foodie will be jumping to macro influencer in no time, but remember you heard it here first! 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Jenny instagram

Instagram handle: @honeyandbirch

Followers: 17.9k

Why we love Jenny:  Extremely relateable, a self-taught home cook, who intitially struggled to boil an egg, now Jenny has us completely hooked with her recipes. If her blog was the menu at a restaurant we’d be there every single day. Jenny combines her passion for all things tasty and has everything covered, appetisers, lunch, dinner, desserts and cocktails… yes cocktails. It’s no wonder Jenny receives over 77k unique views on her blog. With such a wide range, possible collaborations with Jenny would include recipe development, food styling, restaurant reviews and more! 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Erica instagram

Instagram handle: 

Followers: 88k

Why we love Erica: Everything Erica, is the go to source for everything food related. She’s also a super fun mum, and offers great tips every step of the way when trying new recipes. Her Instagram feed, feels like home, a window into her family lifestyle, with her passion shining through. Also featured in Fabio Viviani’s Magazine, on Windy City Live and on ABC 7 Morning News, we’re just in awe of Erica.


Vic and Chris 

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Vic and chris instagram
Instagram handle: @ehvegan

Followers: 47k

Why we love Vic and Chris: Flying the flag for veganism, this duo give food personality with colour and clever placements. The duo’s social media influence is growing exceptionally fast, and we know the exact reason. Whether it’s expressing their desire for a cruelty free world and tips on living an ethical lifestyle on their Facebook page, recipes on their Instagram or travel and restaurant reviews on their blog posts. This spectacular duo go beyond the kitchen and are always one step ahead of the game. 


ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Vanessa instagarmInstagram handle: @justvan__

Followers: 5.6k

Why we love Vanessa: Chocolate, berries and cherries, what’s not to love? Absolutely nothing, no wonder Vanessa’s engagement rate is off the rails. Mainly posting delicious deserts, Vanessa regularly shares her simple recipes in the caption, making it easy for her followers to re-create her sweet masterpieces.  



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Pauline instagram
Instagram handle: @livingthehealthychoice

Followers: 205k

Why we love Pauline: Completely vegetarian nutrient-rich dishes, Pauline, cookbook author, food blogger and food photographer from Berlin, lets her imagination run wild getting creative in the kitchen. Making it easy for her followers to recreate her fresh dishes, suitable for any occasion, tickling all taste-buds.



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Gary instagarm

Instagram handle: @the_roaming_cook

Followers: 15.1k

Why we love Gary: Completely self taught, creating recipes inspired by his travels, Gary creates a true feast for the eyes and palate. Gary has roamed Asia, visiting restaurants and food stalls in search of the best food in, inspiring his meals. Active on most social media platforms Gary has a total influence of over 20k. 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Nadia instagram
Instagram handle: @grungeee

Followers: 62.8k

Why we love Nadia: Nadia is one very creative supermom, when she’s not taking photos of carefully thought out and positioned food, pretty places or cars, she’s busy looking after her 12-year old bookworm and 6-month old baby. A very busy businesswoman, with an artsy feed filled with a love for flavour as well as fashion. 




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I’m head of Content at ZINE, where I use my expertise in fashion consumer psychology to empower brands and influencers in their marketing campaigns. I love to travel, bake as well as shopping online.