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November 01, 2018

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Everything You Need To Know About Fashion Influencers & Instagram

Instagram is hugely popular for the fashion industry as a whole, and fashion influencers are at the epicentre. Forty-nine percent* of all content from the biggest fashion brands on Instagram mention influencers, and this content receives far higher engagement than when no influencer is mentioned.


What Makes Fashion Influencers So Popular? 

The majority of Instagram’s 800 million active users follow at least one fashion influencer, and they can be incredibly versatile, which leaves room for brands of other industries to work with them too. Fashion influencers turn the streets into their daily catwalks, and have the ability to their create a tsunami of sales. 

Fashion influencers tend to be relatable; their style replicable; and their recommendations reliable. The popularity of campaigns like Dove’s Real Women, and Misguided’s Body Positivity, show how much consumers value diverse and ‘real’ representation. Brands are recognising that in order for them to stay ‘relevant’ they need to seek representation from beyond the standard catwalk model, and fashion influencers have presented themselves as a viable alternative.


Fashion Influencers & Engagement Rates

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66% of influencers on the ZINE database identify themselves as fashion influencers, first and foremost among other industries.

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Fashion influencers on average have the highest engagement rates compared to influencers from other industries. 

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Fashion Influencers & Pricing 

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Fashion influencers charge the least in comparison to influencers from other industries. Lowest pricing paired with highest engagement gives you the greatest gains – or an average cost per engagement (CPE) of £0.12.   



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On average, male fashion influencers have a higher engagement rate but also charge more than female fashion influencers. This isn’t too surprising as identifying male fashion influencers is much more difficult given that there are 5 times the number of female fashion influencers. 

Fashion influencers from Europe seem to be the most cost-effective, compared to any other region, charging just over £97 on average with an engagement rate of 5.77%.

Australian fashion influencers aren’t that far off, charging just over £84 per Instagram post with an average engagement rate of 4%.

Fashion influencers from Asia, charge just over £215 per post and receive an engagement rate of 4.9%.

UK and US fashion influencers receive approximately the same engagement on their posts of 4.5%, with fashion influencers in the UK charging £175 and in the US £148. 


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I’m Head of Content at ZINE, where I use my expertise in fashion consumer psychology to empower brands and influencers in their marketing campaigns. I love travelling, baking, and online shopping.





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