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May 28, 2020


Top 15 arts and crafts influencers 

When one is little, everything can become a potential masterpiece; from making a pretty drawing to doing sculptures with different materials you could find at home. As we grow older, a few of us leave those projects behind, and a few others master those skills and keep on expanding their creative horizons. So if you ever want to embark on an artsy journey again, these amazing influencers will inspire you and help you to create amazing crafts. 


Amber Kemp-Gerstel


Instagram handle: @damasklove

Followers: 70.8K

Why we love Amber: Ever wonder what to do on a Sunday? Amber hosts a show on Disney+ where she shares different DIY projects. She also shares free printables, handmade card ideas, handmade jewellery, homemade stickers, and holiday-themed ideas. Long-story short, limitless ideas on one feed. 


Liz Rangel


Instagram handle: @craftingeek

Followers: 1.6M

Why we love Liz: Wanna get creative for Valentine’s day? This beautiful crafter once used 10,000 M&M’s to make a portrait of her and her boyfriend as a cute and well-thought present. You can find her on YouTube doing craft tutorials and selling original planners on Instagram. 


Marie Haekel 


Instagram handle: @haekel_marie

Followers: 6K

Why we love Marie: Marie is a huge fan of crochet and shares different projects on her Instagram, mainly cute animals (who doesn’t love a crochet bear sitting on the bed?). If crochet is something you are interested in, following Marie will give you the inspiration to become a pro.




Instagram handle: @miriamsquilling

Followers: 15.4K 

Why we love Miriam: If you are a fan of getting creative with paper, this is your chance to make a nice project for a friend, a partner, family member or yourself. Miriam shares paper quilling art on Instagram and shares tutorials on YouTube to help you master this hobby. If you are not into creating it yourself, you can buy her art online. 


Torrie Lynn 


Instagram handle: @foxandhazel

Followers: 8.9K 

Why we love Torrie: This mother of three kids uses her limited time to share art journaling and the different stickers she makes. One can always jump on her stories to find different tips to get better at art journaling and tons of inspiration.


Renee Day


Instagram handle: @thediyday

Followers: 247K 

Why we love Renee: Renee helps you stay organised and up-to-date with your time management by sharing handmade journals, calendars, note cards, scrapbooks. Her Instagram feed will always be full of creative ideas that one can try.


Lucia Mallea 


Instagram handle: @luciamallea

Followers: 91.6K 

Why we love Lucia: There is nothing prettier than a wedding full of love. Lucia shares DIY wedding decorations for all those brides-to-be that want to try something different for that special occasion. She also Sells kit crafter so people can join her on different projects.




Instagram handle: @sewthispattern

Followers: 14.6K

Why we love Annie: Her instagram is full of different colourful clothes with links to downloadable sewing patterns. Her patterns are mostly designed for advanced beginners to intermediate sewers with comprehensive instructions, photographs and illustrations provided.


Elsie and Emma


Instagram handle: @abeautifulmess

Followers: 667K

Why we love Elsie and Emma: These two sisters will add some inspiration to your timeline with some home decor DIY as well as food, crafts, and personal style. Know a kid who would be the happiest with a dollhouse? Go on instagram and find them to get a good idea of how to make one. 


Lia Griffith


Instagram handle: @liagriffith

Followers: 81K

Why we love Lia: Lia, founder-member of a craft community, shares different DIY templates and step-by-step tutorials to keep your personal items, house and gifts as creative and beautiful as possible.


Jenni Yolo


Instagram handle: @ispydiy

Followers: 168K 

Why we love Jenni: Jenni uses her creativity to turn old houses into masterpieces. If you would like to try it yourself, she shares multiple posts on DIY home renovation and interior decoration. If not, why not spend a weekend in one of her Airbnb? (renovations are tested and approved by Big Papi, the dog)


Joy Cho

Instagram handle: @ohjoy

Followers: 447K

Why we love Joy: Joy is a graphic designer who decided to share some love in 2005 and launched ‘Oh Joy!’ a crafts blog where different ideas are shared so everyone can explore their creative side. 


Rebekah Marshall


Instagram handle: @beksstitches

Followers: 15.2K

Why we love Rebekah: Rebekah shares handmade embroidery hoops with her instagram world and has the patterns available on etsy for anyone who falls in love with the designs and decides to give it a go.


Kelly Mindell


Instagram handle: @studiodiy

Followers: 410K

Why we love Kelly: Kelly is always looking for different ways to put some creativity into your life. Either by getting colourful accessories from her brand ‘Can’t Clutch This’ to DIY art projects on her Instagram. Her motto is to make life a party and her feed reflects that in every post. 




Instagram handle: @momolovespaper

Followers: 55.3K

Why we love Momo: If you are interested in journaling or sharing some thoughts in pen and paper, Momo’s feed will inspire you to get some stationary and start doodling about your daily life or your last trip.

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