Top Influencer Podcasts in 2020

Podcasts have been making a lot of (sound) waves recently with listeners enjoying inside scoops, gossip and deep conversations with their...

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14.09.2020 BRANDS

Top pet influencers for your next campaign

Animals are an important part of the Instagram community, providing audiences with cuteness as well as awareness and guidance for how to care for...

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28.08.2020 INFLUENCER

Where to post affiliate links online to earn more money

As an influencer, your income is not bound by how many brand deals you get. In fact, use your social platforms and influence to drive your own...

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26.08.2020 BRANDS

Top health and wellness influencers 

This month we're all about Health and Wellness so we've devised our top Instagram influencers specialising Health & Wellness. 

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05.08.2020 BRANDS

Parent, family mum and dad influencers to know about

When raising a family, parent’s often seek advice from other parents - people who have been through what they’re going through. 

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03.08.2020 BRANDS

6 ways to use influencers in your social media marketing strategy

Building a loyal following on social media is one of the hardest struggles a brand can face. There’s so much competition and standing out is hard....

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31.07.2020 BRANDS

How to Create an Influencer Marketing Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide


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27.07.2020 BRANDS

Influencer marketing in the health and fitness industry [Report 2020]

We looked at 50 health and fitness brands who work with influencers to see which strategies work right now. 

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16.07.2020 BRANDS

Top inspiring travel influencers for your next campaign

As a brand in the travel niche, you know generating amazing content from around the world is important to increase engagement and most of all,...

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09.07.2020 BRANDS

10 ways to repurpose influencer content - [Checklist]

It shouldn’t surprise you that 50% of B2C companies say creating engaging content is a key challenge they face, second only to measure the...

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