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We understand that not all brands and businesses have the budget needed to run large-scale influencer marketing campaigns.

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Should children be social media influencers? ZINE explores...

With the rise of children becoming social media influencers, it’s important to reflect on how much information we put online, not only about...

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27.09.2019 INFLUENCER

How to make money on YouTube in 2019 [+ top Youtube earners]


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19.09.2019 BRANDS

Easy ways to find social influencers for your brand


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13.09.2019 BRANDS

The most influential parenting & kids brands on ZINE

Since 2017, startups targeting parents have generated over $300 million in funding. This doesn't even account for more established brands who...

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06.09.2019 BRANDS

3 Effective Influencer Product Seeding Strategies you Need to try


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05.09.2019 INFLUENCER

How To Pitch Yourself As An Influencer To Brands [+Templates]

Successful bloggers and influencers know how to pitch themselves. What's more, understanding the fundamentals of pitching means you are more...

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04.09.2019 INFLUENCER

A Blogger's Guide To London Fashion Week 2019


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30.08.2019 BRANDS

Difference Between Nano, Micro, Mid-Level, Macro and Mega Influencers [+Quiz]

When brands begin thinking about running influencer marketing campaigns, usually the first thought is to opt for the influencer with the largest...

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23.08.2019 BRANDS

56 Incredible Women in Tech Influencers You Need To Know

When people think about influencers, they usually think about fashion, travel and beauty. Realistically, though, you can be an influencer in any...

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