06.12.2018 BRANDS

3 Brilliant Lessons in Influencer Marketing from Beauty Brands

According to Global Data, the beauty industry is the fastest growing sector in the UK. It's estimated to be worth £26.7bn by 2022. While other...

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29.11.2018 BRANDS

ZINE's Top 10 Beauty Influencers

It used to be that to get our beauty tips and inspiration we’d look to the glossy magazines. The rise of platforms like YouTube and Instagram, and...

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23.11.2018 BRANDS

Influencer Marketing - The Big Questions

Earlier this week ZINE had the pleasure of hosting some of the biggest brands and agencies to discuss the ever-changing landscape in influencer...

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15.11.2018 BRANDS

How Much Do Influencers Charge Per Post?

“How much do influencers charge per post?” is a million-dollar question – pardon the pun!

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13.11.2018 BRANDS

Researching Instagram Influencers Without Tech

The most obvious way to find Instagram influencers is to look on Instagram itself, and with over 800 million users, you know the right influencers...

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Using ZINE’s Influencer Marketing Platform to Build Your Influencer Network

Throwing big budgets at one-off influencer marketing campaigns is dated. If 2018 has shown us anything, it’s that influencer marketing isn’t just...

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Everything You Need To Know About Fashion Influencers & Instagram

Instagram is hugely popular for the fashion industry as a whole, and fashion influencers are at the epicentre. Forty-nine percent* of all content...

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25.10.2018 BRANDS

Top 10 Home & Interior Influencers On ZINE

With over 50,000 influencers on the platform a large proportion of these focus on Home & Interior. All of these provide us with unique inspiration...

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18.10.2018 BRANDS

Why Instagram Influencer Marketing Is Still Booming

There is one kind of marketing that has stood the test of time, and remains strong. Referral marketing. Regardless of how much you spend to...

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The Brand's Guide To Keeping Out Of Trouble With The ASA

With the rise of social media, the ASA has finally set the rules for sponsored content in stone. With their influencer marketing guide they...

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