17.04.2018 BRANDS

Finding The Right Instagram Influencers

Today we are tackling the million-dollar question of how you can find influencers on Instagram… Actually, not just any instagrammers. The right...

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17.04.2018 INFLUENCER

How To Pitch Yourself As An Influencer To Brands

Successful bloggers and influencers know how to pitch themselves. What's more, understanding the fundamentals of pitching means you are more...

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10.04.2018 INFLUENCER

Instagram Stories... Do Yours Tell The Right Story?

Despite their 24 hour shelf life, your Instagram Stories should tell a story. 

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10.04.2018 BRANDS

Does Disclosure Make A Difference To Consumer Purchasing Decisions

The whole point of an ad is to persuade consumers to make a purchase.

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04.04.2018 RESOURCES

Connecting Google Analytics to your Premium WordPress Account 

If you have Wordpress Premium you may have to connect your Google Analytics to your blog,  without using a plugin. But before you get started,...

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02.04.2018 BRANDS

4 Ways Influencer Marketing Can Boost Your Content Strategy

Content marketing is integral to a successful inbound marketing strategy. Especially with the rising cost of paid acquisition channels like...

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02.04.2018 INFLUENCER

Elena Sandor – Eat, Wear, Travel (Influencer Series)

For the first instalment of our 2018 influencer series we caught up with Elena Sandor from Eat-Wear-Travel to talk about being a full-time...

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26.03.2018 BRANDS

The Brands Guide To Navigating The ZINE Media Kit

While ZINE has only been available to brands in the last few months we are actually seasoned veterans in the influencer marketing community. We...

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26.03.2018 INFLUENCER

Instagram Business Accounts – Worth The Switch?

With over 500 million daily active users it’s no surprise that Instagram is the favoured channel for brand collaborations. In fact it’s so...

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13.02.2018 BRANDS

[Report] Influencer Marketing: Science, Strategy & Success

ZINE surveyed 1000 influencers and 1,300 consumers on the topic #sponsored and what impact it has on influencer marketing.

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