16.08.2018 BRANDS

10 Lessons in Influencer Marketing From the Beauty Industry

If you want to predict trends for influencer marketing, take a look at the beauty industry. As an industry, it’s one that has always taken risks...

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Engagement Rates And That Instagram Algorithm

A lot has changed since we last published our post on engagement rates. We’ve had an influx of influencers signing up to the platform, which means...

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09.08.2018 INFLUENCER

Ultimate Guide For Influencers: How Much To Charge For A Sponsored Post

When it comes to how much to charge for a sponsored post there is no real consensus. However, it is extremely important that you know your worth...

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07.08.2018 BRANDS

Top 5 Tips: Influencer Marketing For Start Up’s

Though influencer marketing started out as an industry dominated by social celebrities it has quickly become one of the most popular forms of...

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Influencer Marketing Framework [Free Resource]

While budgets for influencer marketing continue on the upwards trajectory, there is still a great deal of pussy-footing in the dark with no clear...

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An Influencer's Guide To Working On ZINE

A guide for successful collaborations, happy clients and repeat business

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24.07.2018 BRANDS

ZINE's Top 10 Foodie Influencers

Whether they're promoting, high end restaurants, or healthy eating there's no denying that foodies, have us drooling over their pictures, working...

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24.07.2018 INFLUENCER

The Ultimate Influencer Guide To Collaborations

When it comes to landing a campaign it can be easy to get over excited and accept right away, especially when they’re well known. The excitement...

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16.07.2018 BRANDS

How To Spot Fake Followers

One of the biggest controversies in the influencer marketing space at the moment is fake followers. Arguably, the core reason this has reached...

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Get Creative: Content Ideas For Foodies Across All Platforms

It’s only natural to hit the wall from time to time when you’re constantly creating content, no matter how passionate you are. It’s so important...

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